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                                                                   Books Make a Difference in Kids' Lives

What is CCRA? 
The Contra Costa Reading Association is
  •          A non-profit professional organization comprised of educators involved in all reading aspects targeting kindergarten through high school age students
  • An affiliate of the California Reading Association (CRA)
  • An affiliate of the International Literacy Association (ILA)
  • Serving Contra Costa’s public and private schools
  • Helping students, parents, and teachers locally and internationally
  • Supporting Common Core Standards & aligned, research-based strategies
  • Promoting teaching strategies that enable all students to decode, comprehend, think critically, collaborate and communicate effectively
Why Join CCRA?
1. CCRA Offers Unique Professional Support​​​​​​​
  •          Local events plug you into top tips, trends & experts in literacy & job market
  • Statewide Institute with top presenters/ opportunities/ vendors to serve you
  • Online & local expert training earning 10 sem. units per yr. (for only $70)
  • CA Young Reader Medal  (CYRM) program encourages millions of CA kids to nominate, read, and vote for the winners of the CYRM book nominees
  • Eureka  Nonfiction Children’s Book Awards bring you lists of quality books  with connections to  implementing CCS and best practices in literacy
  • Our Great Winter Reading Challenge motivates kids to read & reap gifts!

Here’s what our members are saying:

Rebecca Delgado, 5th Grade Teacher, said, “CCRA meetings give me a sense of newness and ability to hit the restart button every morning.  This increases my energy and zest for teaching.”  Rebecca's zest inspired from CCRA meetings impacts student learning!

Teresa Haun said,  “CCRA meetings are very informative and I get great info.”  Teresa refers friends to join CCRA each year.  We gave her a gift card for her referrals, but Teresa's impact to CCRA & her friends’ lives is priceless!!

Our newest member, Ally Wilkey's take-away from CCRA meetings is to “focus on being your best and follow your passions.  Then you will find your people.  When you find your people, maintain those connections!” 

Be connected.  Follow your passions. Participate in CCRA! 

Be inspired.  Check out our blog. www.californiareads.org

Be informed.  Check out our newsletter.

2. Get Unmatched Recognition
Distinguished Service awards and many more awards bring you the recognition you all deserve as you work hard to make a difference in our children’s lives!  We celebrated member Joni Smith’s contributions at our end of the year party by awarding her our Celebrate Literacy Award.  We shared her accomplishments with our state organization, California Reading Association, and CRA awarded Joni the prestigious Internationnal Litearcy Assn. Celebrate Literacy Award.  This could be you!

3. Join us in our quest to nurture literacy.  We get books into kids’ hands.  It will make you a believer!  

Ready to join?  Visit our Membership page or email CCRA President lynn@gurnee.org for information. 

 You’ll be glad you did!

See our School Membership special:  The Best Professional Development Deal in Town.  CCRA programs are FREE for members!



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